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High quality tennis training in Delray Beach, Florida



A proven pathway to the best colleges in the country

Axis tennis was initially established in South Florida to provide a hub for ambitious tennis players with a goal of either representing a top US college or competing in the professional game. With a proven track record for developing and improving players, Axis Tennis has become one of the highest achieving tennis programs in the United States.

Available program

Our Programs


Payment to be made before week commences

 / Weekly


A training week reserved for selected high performance players consisting of two intense 1hr 30 minute sessions, Monday-Friday with high level, highly qualified, experienced coaches

Players training in an intense, small group environment

Match play with feedback and instruction


Payment to be made on 1st of each month

/ Monthly


In addition to our regular training, players on this program also receive advice about tournament scheduling, feedback from local tournament matches, and guidance with their college applications.

We are committed to helping our players reach their tennis goals. 

For players looking for 360 tennis support and guidance, we encourage them to join this monthly program to really benefit from the coaches knowledge.


Payment to be made before session

/ Session


Axis Tennis rarely offers individual sessions, primarily believing in a small group approach. These sessions are appropriate for players that wish to:

Train at another venue but wish to play with different players from time to time

Want match play with players of an appropriate level

Do not want to commit to a regular monthly or weekly group

Wish to contact the coaches for more private instruction

Image by Kevin Mueller



Zamaan .jpeg

I started working with Axis tennis end of my sophomore year and could not have asked for a better group of people to take my game to the next level. We all had very individualized practice sessions and competed hard amongst each other. Axis tennis was like a second family to me, the guys and I enjoyed each others presence on and off the court. Axis tennis significantly helped me mature mentally on court and I am excited to put all of it to work at university.

Zamaan Moledina - Georgetown University


When I started at Axis Tennis Academy, I struggled to find my identity on the court. Although before I came, I was able to have some good performances, I lacked consistency. Axis Tennis broke down the game for me and simplified the court. In the past, I tended to overcomplicate tennis and put in more work than required. Over the seven months at the academy, I learned who I was on the court, became more efficient with my energy, and improved my tennis IQ. Every coach at the academy was highly invested in all the players and focused on every aspect of their life, not only on the court. This made me feel like I always had a home I could go to and built trust with all the coaches, which was crucial to my improvement. All in all, my time spent here was worth every penny, and I truly felt like I gained a great deal of knowledge and confidence during my training at Axis Tennis Academy.

Elias Shokry - Georgia Tech

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