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About Us


Axis tennis was initially established in South Florida to provide a hub for ambitious tennis players with a goal of either representing a top US college or competing in the professional game. With a proven track record for developing and improving players, Axis Tennis has become one of the highest achieving tennis programmes in the United States.

Many of our students have represented their country at Junior Grand Slam level, and have subsequently been selected by many of the best schools in the country (Duke, UCLA, Dartmouth, Harvard etc.). For those that decided to pursue a professional career, our players have moved through the professional pathway and competed at Grand Slam level in the professional game

At Axis Tennis, we do not discriminate by playing level. We demand our players to give their best effort every day, and show seriousness and dedication to achieve their goals. Our team of professionals are happy to work with player’s of all abilities, but they must show they are determined to reach their full potential each and every session.

Our Mission

At Axis Tennis our mission is to challenge our players to grow and develop as players, competitors, and people. We will consistently strive to provide our players with the best opportunities to succeed and reach their goals.

Our Philosophy

To develop a person’s character and values using tennis as an educational tool. We believe tennis can provide useful transferable skills such as acceptance; responsibility, best effort, discipline, focus, and determination. We encourage our students to employ these skills and good habits industriously to improve all areas of their current and future lives. 

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