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Axis Agency was designed to recruit and represent tennis players in a non-traditional way. Established by a combination of experienced coaches and agents, we seek to shake up the established agency model so that players and their support team can have full trust in the advice and services we provide.

From a players perspective: Our agents are coaches or former coaches. We have a vast experience of supporting players and their team (coach, physiotherapist etc), With a background in developing and supporting players from a coaching capacity, we prioritise your interests, success, and well being over our financial gain. This means you can trust that we will negotiate the best agreements for you, not only for your financial betterment, but also to enhance your career.


From a coaches perspective: Our agency seeks to work with coaches to further strengthen the existing player-coach bond, and ensure coaches that have been heavily involved in a players formation receive financial compensation by maintaining a percentage of a players future contracts. We do this by forfeiting a percentage of our stake in all agreements, so neither the player or their coach (the two most important people in a players success) miss out.


From a parent’s perspective: We are a team of tennis lovers that have helped players over the years reach their tennis dreams. We have created this agency (along with our non-profit) to genuinely help and nurture talented players that we believe (with the right support) can reach the top of the game. We will not be some faceless organisation that you will regret signing with, we will strive to support your child and be a regular, trusted contact throughout their tennis journey.


If you are interested in signing with Axis Agency, please contact us at:

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